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We're a branding and digital agency that seamlessly integrates with your marketing and digital teams. Our expertise lies in crafting and maintaining websites, strategically assisting businesses through optimized upkeep.
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All Webflow support packages come with a free website assessment ($5,000 in value). All packages allow you to access our full range of web strategy, development and design capabilities (see below for the full list)


$1500/per month

10 Hours every month
2 Bonus Hours every month
3 days turnaround
Updates via Slack or Email
Dedicated client manager
Monthly reporting
Cancel anytime
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$3000/per month

24 Hours every month
6 Bonus Hours every month
1 day turnaround
Updates via Slack or Email
Dedicated client manager
Monthly reporting
Monthly strategy sync
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White glove onboarding
Priority support
Multiple requests at a time
Short, medium, long term
Project planning
Weekly Strategy Sessions
Progress tracking
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Webflow Support Package Capabilities

Our Webflow Support packages give you full access to our website strategy, design, development, and SEO capabilities, including…
Website Design
& Development
Development in Webflow
Reusable Webflow components
Sitewide scalability
Webflow custom code
Third party integrations
Content updates
Landing pages
News and blog content
Search engine optimization
Keyword research and strategy
On-page SEO optimization
Technical SEO audits
SEO reporting and analytics
UX/UI Consulting 

& Accessibility
UX/UI audits & recommendations
Website accessibility audits & improvements
Navigation optimization
Tips and suggestions for improving the design and layout
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
A/B testing
Split testing
Website Maintenance & Performance
3rd Party Tool Integration
API integrations
Chat bot integration
Cookie consent setup
Shopping carts
Custom maps
Newsletter / Email integration
24/7 Uptime monitoring
Site security
Domain and hosting assistance
Site Speed Optimization

Why Us

Proven Track Record 

& Experience
Our team has a proven track record in handling projects of various scale and complexity, from startups to public companies, and everyone in-between.

With Support packages starting at $1,500, we can help you maximize value and manage budgets in an uncertain environment.

& Flexibility
Our team has the ability to handle increased workloads, adapting to changing business needs - whether it’s scaling up or down.
Strategic Collaboration 

& Communication
We offer single point of contact, clear communication channels, and a collaborative approach that contributes to project success.


How can I utilize my hours?
Your monthly hours with Wunderdogs power your Webflow activities. Use these hours across marketing activities like creating pages, SEO, or A/B testing. Whether it's design, development, or SEO, our Webflow Support Package Hours ensure our time supports you as needed. Plus, unused hours roll over each month, providing flexibility for busier periods.
Can I get more Hours?
If you've used up your monthly hours and need more, we can either upgrade your plan or add additional hours for the specific month upon request.
What if I don't use all my hours?
Your dedicated Account Manager optimizes your support usage, suggesting priorities and collaborating with your team. Even the best websites benefit from continuous on-site SEO and improvements. Unused hours will roll over to the next month but are forfeited if the support is canceled.
What are "Bonus" Hours?
You can utilize bonus hours for unexpected tasks or opportunities, adapting your digital strategy as needed. These hours provide flexibility and responsiveness to your brand's dynamic needs. Unlike regular hours, bonus hours don't roll over. They're meant to cover short-notice tasks and quick pivots in strategy.
Can I expect to work with the same team members?
Consistency in team members is our goal for your project, as their familiarity with your brand enhances their ability to contribute to your business objectives.
Can Wunderdogs be hired to manage my existing website?
Absolutely. We offer continuous support for all Webflow websites, regardless of their original design. If significant fixes or updates are required, we may propose a flat-rate website design project before transitioning to ongoing support.
How do you manage Webflow projects?
We assist in project management using Monday software and assign a dedicated Account Manager for direct communication. You can reach us through email, project management software, or Slack. Our streamlined processes ensure seamless project execution.
What's the minimum commitment required?
Our support plans require a minimum 3-month commitment. Unsure about ongoing support? Try a project at our hourly rate first. After the initial project, consider our plans for cost savings, quick turnaround, and predictability.
How responsive is the team?
We're committed to responding within 24 hours, ensuring your site is up and running promptly. You can use our dedicated Slack channel, as well as email for direct troubleshooting requests. Our Webflow experts efficiently diagnose and resolve issues, letting you focus on growing your business.
How is turnaround time calculated?
Project completion time varies based on task complexity, but most projects start within 1-3 business days. The turnaround time is influenced by your package.
What resources does the team need to get started?
Information about your company, your goals and needs at the current stage. If you could share design files (Figma, etc.) that would expedite project onboarding. For design creation assistance, schedule a call. Describe tasks accurately in our form or email for precise estimates. Questions? Reach us via call, dashboard, Slack, or email.
What happens if we're dissatisfied with the work?
We're committed to client satisfaction, so we'll continue to work and revise the design and code until you're completely satisfied.

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