Wunderdogs Wins 2023 Red Dot Brands & Communication Design Award for Innovative Work with NGP Capital

Wunderdogs Wins 2023 Red Dot Brands & Communication Design Award for Innovative Work with NGP Capital

San Francisco, California - July 26, 2023 - Wunderdogs, a pioneering branding and digital agency focused on working with high-growth companies, is pleased to announce its recent win of the prestigious 2023 Red Dot Brands & Communication Design Award.

The recognition has been awarded to Wunderdogs for their work with NGP Capital, making it one of the first venture capital brands to receive this honor. The Red Dot Award was launched back in 1954, and became globally known for rewarding remarkable quality, functionality, and design innovation.

NGP Capital, a global venture capital firm, has a 17-year history of making groundbreaking investments in technology startups. The firm’s vision of the evolving intersection of humanity and technology led to a comprehensive brand overhaul that fundamentally transformed its identity.

Wunderdogs’ worked on a complete overhaul of NGP Capital's brand, encompassing strategic foundations, visual identity, and digital execution. The result was a brand that clearly defines and communicates the unique value NGP Capital offers to early-stage tech companies and partners.

Sam Ahmed, VP of Marketing and Communications at NGP Capital, emphasized the importance of a distinctive brand, saying, "Ultimately, a well-crafted brand allows a VC firm to differentiate itself from a ‘sea of sameness’ in order to attract exceptional founders to invest in. That’s why we partnered with an agency that understood the nuances of our industry, our aspirations for the future, and most importantly was not afraid to create a distinct look and voice."

Daria Gonzalez, former VC, and Co-founder of Wunderdogs, echoed the sentiment saying, "The traditional VC landscape is evolving, and it's exciting to see firms like NGP Capital leading this transformation. Historically, this industry preferred a traditionally ‘safe’ visual identity. The award signifies an important move forward for VC branding, and we're humbled to be instrumental in it."

All Red Dot Award recipients will be announced officially in November at

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