Sora Schools on redefining the US high school experience

At Wunderdogs, we are passionate about supporting high-growth startups and are huge fans of disruption and innovation— even more so when done using technology. This is why we were incredibly excited to work with Sora Schools to redevelop their brand identity and website following their recent $2.7M raise. Their virtual school startup reimagines the US high school experience for students, centering their interests and dreams. We caught up with one of their co-founders, Indra Sofian, to discuss their unique approach to education, how they ensure accessibility and what the future holds for them.

On what inspired the need to tackle the traditional education system in the US

We were initially inspired to start Sora based on our own lackluster high school experiences. Still, the real inspiration came from the countless conversations we had with teachers, principals, school founders, education reformers, and other people in the space. Those interviews and discussions made us realize how broken our education system is in the US and how little it actually prepares students for their future fields of study, careers, and life in general.

On project-based education 

Project-based learning much more closely mimics the work people do in their careers than the passive learning-based lecture model. It will prepare them for life after school. According to a study comparing student performance in cooperative learning versus traditional lecture-based education, students who learn through projects and small group discussion perform significantly better than lecture-based students in both recall and problem-solving.

On the accessibility of world-class education

At Sora, we believe that to prepare students to explore the world, our school community should reflect the real world with a diverse student body that is representative of all socio-economic backgrounds. By default, our virtual format allows us to reach students in areas where they typically don't have access to a world-class education or the resources necessary. Right now, we offer financial assistance to families who can't afford our full tuition. In the future, we look forward to introducing other ways of increasing accessibility like a work-study program, donations, and more!

On what the future holds for Sora

Sora is growing across the United States. In the next couple of years, we hope to begin expanding internationally as well. At the program level, we're looking to incorporate select in-person learning experiences and further develop our partnerships with companies and other organizations to integrate real-life work experiences and projects with our students’ work.

On working with Wunderdogs

Your team performed excellent work with our visual rebrand. We were impressed by the quality of their work, and we were always delighted to see the results when it came time for our weekly syncs. They worked fast and iterated quickly based on our feedback."

It has been a pleasure working with the team at Sora and we can’t wait to witness even more success in the future. Branding is just one of the many services we offer at Wunderdogs – find out about all the other exciting things we get up to here.

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